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In 2021 a dutch padel enthusiast with medical background (a licensed sports physiotherapist) and a sporty spanish based entrepreneur join up for an early friendly match against two total strangers who invites them to join their match as playing padel with four makes more fun. Although using popular branded padel rackets it gave some doubts on the quality and the materials used. One of the padel rackets, quite new but already showed wearing on the edges of the blade and above all it felt a bit off,

the other racket (also from a popular brand) glossy and high-end seemed to lack power as the match proceeded. A new idea was born…….why not make proper premium durable and unique padel rackets using quality materials and built to last …. After some profound market research we found our way to a respected manufacturer who uses local materials, but best off all implements an entirely handmade process which provides a perfect and unique final finishing touch. After months of designing, testing, fine tuning  we decided on manufacturing 3 different well balanced models: a playful allround racket called the GRAVA CONTROL-R which due to it´s weight and optimized balance prevents injuries and provides full control, the second a powerful Full Hybrid teardrop shaped padel racket, the GRAVA POWER-H. The third is the GRAVA DIAMOND PRO a limited edition, highly elegant, premium quality padel racket which above all provides ultimate power and precision. GRAVAPADEL is proud to introduce it´s reliable, durable versatile and well balanced padel rackets which will give excellent comfort and above all improve your padel playing skills!

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