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The Grava Premium Control is an ultralight All-Round carbon fiber padelracket, sportive and versatile that provides full control, precision and fun. The Grava Premium Control is the ideal racket for players looking for the perfect combination of precision and control. With its big sweet spot, lightweight carbon and a soft foam core, it's  a forgiving racket that will help you develop precision and control. especially developed to avoid injuries. Although the Gravel Premium Control is designed for control, it still offers precision and speed on volleys and smashes. The new Gravel Premium Control allows you to gain complete control over your game!


VAT Included |
Only 5 left in stock
  • All-Round Control Racket
    Oversized Round Shape
    Enlarged Sweetspot
    Metalized Carbon Fiber
    Double layered Fiberglass Reinforcement
    5 Layered Soft Hybrid Foam Core
    High Performance Eco Epoxy Resin
    UV Protection Varnish
    Total Linear Protector
    Antibacterial and Water-repellent Cord with adjustable  and removable wristband
    Grip Soft Plus
    Grava 3D Protector
    Thermic Padel Cover included upon availibility
    Balance: 25.2 – 25.8
    Weight: 350-355 grams
    Handmade in Spain

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