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The Gravel Control-R is a professional All-Round padel racket made of ultralight carbon fiber,  sporty and versatile. The Gravel Control-R is the ideal lightweight racket for players looking for a perfect balance between precision and control. With its big sweet spot and soft foam hybrid core, it´s an extremely forgiving racket that helps you develop precision and control. Although the Control-R is designed for control, it also offers precision and speed on volleys and smashes. The Full-carbon fiber surface with a G-texture offers full precision and maximum control!


VAT Included |
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  • Professional All-Round Control Racket
    100% Full Carbon Pro Fiber
    Oversized Round Shape
    Double layered Fiberglass Reinforcements
    5 Layered Hybrid Foam Soft Core
    High Performance Eco Epoxy Resin
    UV Protection Varnish
    Total Linear Protector
    Antibacterial and Water-repellent cord with adjustable and removable wristband
    Grip Soft Plus
    Grava 3D Protector
    Grava Thermic Padel Cover included upon availibility
    Balance: 25.2 – 25.8
    Weight: 355-360g
    Handmade in Spain

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